Our Story

If you’ve ever been to Hua Hin, you’d know all about the town’s numerous beaches and laid-back vibes. The town was built in 1834 as a small fishing village, then became a vacation spot for Thailand’s royalty and social elite. Since those days Hua Hin is a popular destination for tourists and now boasts a thriving local surf and skateboarding scene.

Our story begins in late 2020 when Hua Hin Skate Park first opened its doors. Head Rock Skate Shop originally started as a small shop that sold refreshments to the skateboarders that came to skate at Hua Hin Skate Park. With folks coming to skate at Hua Hin Skate Park every day then came the need for us to supply more skateboarding gear.

We started as a small skate shop selling skateboarding gear to the local riders at Hua Hin Skate Park. Since then, our shop has served customers throughout Thailand via our brick-and-mortar store, our online shop, and our official retailers.

Our vision is to add our mark on Thailand’s growing skateboarding, surf, and streetwear scene and by doing so, we stock the brands that best represent our way of life, after all, we are a shop run by skateboarders and surfers.

Today, our shop stocks local brands like Preduce, A.M.P, and SSAP, while internationally renowned brands such as Evisen, Plan B, JART, and SK8MAFIA. Most of all, we are proud to be the official distributor of Cariuma in Thailand.